I am originally from New Jersey but moved to Seattle, Washington in 2015 to begin my medical transition. I underwent a double mastectomy (more commonly known as top surgery) in April 2015 and had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy on Election Day in November 2016. I suffered significant complications at the hands of an inexperienced Seattle surgeon, prompting me to begin writing and sharing more of my experiences online. I had stage one phalloplasty in April 2017 with Dr. Mang Chen in San Francisco, CA.

After phalloplasty, the complications I faced could not be treated in Seattle due to the lack of knowledge and education of the doctors. Therefore, I had to relocate to California for 10+ procedures and surgeries.  Since then, I've been sharing my experience and working to build some much needed resources for the trans* and cis communities.

In navigating government agencies, the medical system and professional spaces, I have experienced both wonderful and harmful situations. As someone with a larger online following, I have also gathered the stories and experiences of others who have been let down by their fellow humans in regards to embodying their authentic selves. I have felt absolute utter relief when I’ve disclosed my identity and am met with support. I have feared for my well-being and safety when I am not.

I have a BA in Sociology and Social Work with over 8 years experience in the field. I’ve managed large gyms, have worked in retail and have spent years doing commercial real estate (managing shopping centers). My varied professional experiences have allowed me to step confidently into consulting knowing that every corner of the business world can use my training, education and knowledge for better success.

Besides my consulting, I also host a podcast called Transitional Wisdom.

For fun stuff, I love: hot sauce, baked goods, books and conspiracies. I enjoy comparing my life to video gaming sequences from the 90's, quoting The Office in everyday conversation and trying to track cold cases. I sing "Africa" by Toto at the top of my lungs and will defend the existence of the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot until the end of time (peep that Tupac reference).