1. that night.

18 year old Jennifer went out with a friend in New York City on July 24, 2006. They had spent the night at The Guest House, a lounge in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. When they went to find the car in the early morning hours of July 25th, the car had vanished. They tracked it to the tow yard but they wouldn't release the car because they were both intoxicated. Jen's friend had alcohol poisoning and passed out, prompting the tow yard employee to call an ambulance. Fearing getting in trouble, Jen wandered off by herself.

She called her boyfriend around 4 am, begging him to pick her up from the City. She told him she was walking up the West Side Highway, alone. He told her to take a taxi to his house, 45 miles away to a small town in New Jersey, despite the fact that she didn’t have any money. He says he will pay for it when she arrives, his parents won’t let him drive to New York City at 4 am.

She told him a “large man” was following her and that he is frightening her but offering her a ride.

As he is pleading with his girlfriend to get to safety, the phone call abruptly ends with no warning. Her boyfriend calls back incessantly to no avail.

This was the last time Jen was heard from.

By 4:30 am on Thursday July 27, her body was found inside a black suitcase inside a dumpster in Weehawken, New Jersey.


What happened? 

How did she end up with two complete strangers, one of them nearly twice her age?

Why didn’t she run?

Why didn’t she scream?

Why didn’t she fight back?

Nash AzarianComment