The world is rapidly progressing and people are feeling more comfortable now than ever to be their authentic selves. With the growing acceptance of the LGBTQI community, those who have been living with uncertainty are now able to come out as queer, trans*, non-binary, etc. While acceptance is great, the lack of education amongst allies has unintentionally created pain for our community. The struggle now is that society is supportive but is unsure of how to actually be supportive, in turn, they unintentionally cause harm in the process. This is where I come in, specifically, for businesses and corporations that want to create a more welcoming environment for their LGBTQI employees - whether they know who they are or not.

Creating a company culture that supports everyone involved is imperative. Stress is the #1 detriment to emotional health and physical health - emotional stress can actually create PTSD by activating our fight or flight response. Those who come into your workplace should feel safe, content and ready to be productive. They should feel comfortable to be themselves and also trust that co-workers and management have their back. Even situations that are perceived as “insignificant” can create a reaction in the body that will affect our well-being. Another reason it is important to protect marginalized persons within the workplace is because others will pick up on it - and while they may not be queer or trans, they will certainly pick up on how it is handled and it will in turn affect their comfort within the workplace too. Your business, company and corporation can only thrive if all of your employees feel safe and comfortable within the workplace - their productivity and loyalty to you depends on how much you invest in them.

I offer consulting and trainings to a wide range of groups, from small organizations to large companies.

Some things we will cover:

  • How to create an LGBT Inclusive workplace

  • What it means to be transgender, non-binary or gender fluid.

  • How to discuss gender identity respectfully

  • What is appropriate or inappropriate to discuss/ask

  • Terms commonly used in the LGBT community

  • Guidance on how to respond to trans-related workplace issues

  • How to be an ally to the LGBT community and create safe spaces