I receive a lot of questions on social media and it’s not always easy to give very in depth responses via DM. I wanted to put everything in one place for those who are seeking answers! I will continue to add to this as I am able to.



Q: What binders did you try before top surgery?

A: Underworks and GC2B. I used a black full length binder from Underworks for the first 6 months after I came out. It was incredibly uncomfortable and not ideal for me. The material was itchy and rough and I constantly felt like my breathing was restricted. It also dug into my armpits and causing a rash and discomfort there. The GC2B binder I purchased later was much more comfortable. The sizing felt better for me, especially with having a pretty large chest.

GC2B binders can be purchased here.


Top Surgery.

Q: How big was your chest before top surgery?

A: Around a 36D, so it was pretty large! Before I began binding, I wore a very tight sports bra. 

Q: What type of top surgery did you have?

A: Double incision with nipple grafts.

Q: How long were you on hormones for when you had top surgery?

A: 3 weeks.

Q: Did you have to stop hormones for top surgery?

A: My doctor required me to have a 7 day window between my last shot and surgery. I was allowed to resume 3 days after surgery.

Q: What did you use on your scars?

A: Once the incisions were completely closed, I used coconut oil and massaged gently for about 6 months. At around 9 months, I switched to Kelocote gel. I used Kelocote for about 3 months.

flannel found at Seattle’s Fremont Sunday Market in 2015

flannel found at Seattle’s Fremont Sunday Market in 2015


Q: Where do you find clothes that fit?

A: I used a tape measure to measure my chest, waist, and shoulder to waist sizes. From there, I typically find my t shirts on etsy by looking up “vintage tshirts”. The sizes on vintage shirts tend to fit my wide but short body whereas most adult “men’s” tshirts are far too long for me, fitting me more like a strange dress. I also cut my shirts if they are too long and cut old jeans into shorts to get the right length that I prefer.

My basic tee’s I purchase from the Gap.

From around 0-2 years on T, I struggled to find ANY clothes that fit me properly, especially pants/shorts. I wore a lot of sweats, joggers, and drop crotch style bottoms. Anything with an elastic waistband worked best for my fluctuating/increasing weight.



Please do not keep reading if you are uncomfortable with information on stand to pee devices, packers, or sex toys.

Q: What type of STP/packer did you use before phalloplasty?

A: I tried the FreeTom 3 in 1 and the Transthetics EZP. I did not like the FreeTom at all. The STP function didn’t work for me at all. From my discussions in support groups, online forums and with friends, it seems that the majority of people do not seem to have much luck with the STP function of the FreeTom.

The Transthetics EZP worked well for me. I have thick thighs (yay for thick boys!) so I had to spread my legs pretty far apart which was awkward to do and made peeing feel less natural, but as far as the device doing what it was supposed to do, I had no issues peeing. The urine didn’t back up and pour out at the opening, as some do. The material felt very clean and comfortable. It also didn’t smell like urine even after using it. My only concern was how large it looked in my underwear as a packer. I know people that love this device and some dislike it due to the wider stance they have to take to use the STP function.