Ex Officio Give N Go Boxer Briefs

These underwear come in 3 inch and 6 inch leg length (I’m wearing the 6 inch). I prefer the 6 inch length because I don’t like the way my thighs rub with shorter trunks.

The penis pouch does not pull your junk away from your body (very important because you want things compressed vs stretched when healing). The pouch is roomy enough for gauze, an abd pad for leaking, etc while still supporting and holding things in place (this is very ideal). I found these to be a good choice when you can graduate to regular underwear. Another highlight is that they are quick drying, meaning if you sweat a lot, it keeps things cooler but they can also be hand washed and dried in a few hours.

Cost: $17-30 per pair

They can be purchased here.


David Archy

Similar to ExOfficio material, they are cool and quick drying. They are a little bit thinner material so slightly less supportive than ExOfficio but if you have gauze in your underwear, that should be enough to make these as supportive as ExOfficio. It has a pouch that allows gauze to be held in place nicely, offering help in healing. These tend to run slightly smaller than others, so I purchased an XL instead of an L.

Cost: 3 pack for $29

They can be purchased here.


Hanes Boxer Briefs

Soft and loose but ultimately unsupportive of the healing phallus. No pouch. More ideal after several months post op.

Cost: 5 pack for $14

They can be purchased here.



Similar to Hanes. I found these to be very comfortable for the days when I was strictly laying in bed. They have a soft and looser waistband that sits nicely. I found them to not be great for sleeping because there was too much space for the phallus to flop around. There is no pouch.

Cost: 4 pack for $34

They can be purchased here.


Pair of Thieves

Soft, thin material with cooling properties (great for sweaty booties!) They have a supportive pouch that holds things in place. I found them to work well for when I still had gauze and ABD pads in my underwear, but don’t personally like them for regular wear because of the way it pushes my phallus against my body.

Target seems to carry an assortment.

They can also be purchased online here.