Questions from my last post op appointment after Stage 1

May 26, 2017.

Clearance for working out? Lifting? around 8 weeks. Start slow, listen to my body/

Compression stockings for ride home? no, blood thinning medication + stretch legs in car and stop to walk for a few is enough.

Stitches under base, is there still any chance of them coming undone again or phallus loss? No chance of a total phallus loss at this point. Chance of fistula that will need surgical intervention.

Sweating in phallus region? Keep dry. Stay naked, air dry, dab with gauze when necessary.

Swimming? when all wounds seal completely. Around 2-3 months.

Masturbation? approximately 2-3 months Incisions must be healed and catheter removed.

Sex? no glans done, so use of external device not possible yet except sleeve.

Who will remove catheters? local Urologist in Seattle 

What if there is an issue when I remove it? we wait longer.

How elevated/supported in underwear? 45 degrees. Use gauze to wrap around back of scrotum, front, and support penis 

Muscle twitches? ok

Sleeping on side? Does it need to be supported? not for a few months. yes, it must be supported for the first couple months. At around 2 months post op no more support 

How long do I have to be on the Anti Coagulation medicine for embolisms? doctor said at least 6 months. There is a concern with also taking testosterone - stop 1 Day before glansplasty and resume day after.

Nash Azarian