how I alleviate shot anxiety.

Some things I’ve found that work for me!

Playing music that makes me feel good- I have a playlist that I usually listen to while doing my shot.

Here are the songs on my playlist:

Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Rescue by The Summer Set

Africa by Toto

Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne

Don’t Take The Money by Bleachers

Red Eye by Kid Cudi

If music isn’t feeling good, I put on one of my favorite episodes of The Office:

The Client- Season 2, episode 7

Cocktails- Season 3, episode 17

Money- Season 4, episode 4

Dinner Party- Season 4, episode 9

Mafia- Season 6, episode 6

Sabre- Season 6, episode 15

The Cover-up- Season 6, episode 24

My frenchie, Bodhi, comes and sits with me which helps calm me.

In the beginning when injections were new to me, I would have a favorite snack waiting for me so that I had something to look forward to (positive reinforcement!)

If I’m feeling anxious about doing it that specific time, I ask my partner to hang out with me and talk to me to keep me focused on something else.

Nash Azarian